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​Online Casket Purchases: Your Questions Answered

​Online Casket Purchases: Your Questions Answered

Posted by Overnight Caskets on 6th Sep 2023

It's easy to forget, but it was only a short time ago that buying anything other than books and CDs online was unheard of. The internet has fundamentally changed how we research, compare, and buy all sorts of products. Once unimaginationable, we now purchase movie tickets, clothes, travel, lodging, and even cars with complete confidence. Funeral products like caskets and grave markers are no different.

Buying Online is More Affordable

Cost is likely at the top of the list when shopping for funeral products. Traditionally, funeral homes have fixed expenses that are inevitably passed on to consumers, from property maintenance to staff salaries. The overhead associated with traditional brick-and-mortar businesses keeps purchasing a casket and grave marker a costly and often unplanned expense.

Like books and CDs, online retailers can operate with leaner margins. Reduced overheads and the competitive nature of online marketplaces make it possible to offer the same or higher quality products more economically. Trusted shopping platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Costco and dedicated e-commerce sites like have democratized the process, offering various choices that suit a family's taste and budget.

Funeral Homes Must Accept Caskets from Third-Parties

Online casket shopping may raise concerns about timing or whether a local funeral home will even allow customers to choose products sourced from other providers. That is why the Federal Trade Commission created its "Funeral Rule," which guarantees your right to buy from third parties and forbids local funeral homes to impose additional "handling" charges. However, communication is vital. We recommend informing your chosen funeral home of your online purchase as soon as possible to help avoid any logistical challenges.

Buying Online with Confidence

While the idea of purchasing a casket online might seem impersonal or important, smart online retailers have managed to merge the efficiencies of online shopping with the personalized service that purchases of caskets and grave markers deserve. Consumers need to be discerning when selecting an online retailer. Only work with companies with demonstrated experience working with funeral homes and logistic partners needed to ensure your purchases are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Online reviews and customer testimonials can help determine whether a retailer has a transparent communication style and genuine customer care. Also, look for retailers that offer a range of payments, from personal checks and credit cards to financing programs.

In life's most trying times, seeking a way to honor a loved one's memory should be an act filled with peace and reverence. At, we understand how important and ensure that every step you take with us is enveloped in understanding, respect, and personalized care.