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Dealing with the passing of a loved one can create quite a number of unforeseen challenges. Not only is there massive emotional pain and grief to deal with, but planning a funeral also necessitates a significant outlay of time, energy & money. Wrestling with these emotions while also needing to make sound, coherent choices for the family can often lead to frustration and dissent.  Managing funeral costs can become quite the arduous task if not properly prepared.  The average cost of a standard funeral ranges anywhere between $5500 and $7500.  You should ask yourself if all these costs are indeed warranted.  Oftentimes, due to the mental wear and tear from the overwhelming grief, as well as the need you feel to properly remember your deceased loved one, it is quite difficult to constrain your funeral expenses.  Standard shopping tactics such as price negotiation and price comparison can be overlooked in such chaotic times.  This leads to the majority of people paying much more than they reasonably should for funeral proceedings.

Overnight Casket’s goal is to not only deliver quality, dignified products suitable for your loved ones, but also to do so in a manner that successfully helps you manage your funeral costs. Therefore, we have put together a guide of simple steps you should take while planning a funeral.

Pre-Plan in Advance

While it at times cannot be pleasant, thinking about funeral plans in advance (if possible) of the death of your loved ones gives you an extremely large advantage in regards to funeral arrangements in a variety of ways:

  1. Expand Your Options  – Planning in advance gives you the advantage with talking to multiple funeral homes, mortuaries, funeral agencies to get the best possible deal.  Pre-planning allows you to comparison shop without pressure or time constraints. When you have time to make decisions, they are more likely to be informed.
  2. No Time Constraint – Planning in advance takes away any time constraints from your decision.  Taking your time in any decision allows you to become more informed about the process.
  3. Remove Emotionial Distraction – Planning in advance helps you make a sound decision, without the distraction of grief being involved.  The outburst of emotion can tend to cloud judgment.
  4. Scout Location – Selecting the cemetery plot for your loved is also best planned in advance. It ensures the family is in agreement on a resting site.  It also gives the person a chance for some input in regards to his/her final resting place.


Also please note, make absolutely sure any and all funeral details you have listed are put in writing. Send copies to your immediate family members, friends, attorney, or anyone else you entrust with the task of carrying out your intended funeral proceedings.  Please do not put these funeral details in a safe deposit box or anywhere else as it might not be accessible to your intended party prior to the funeral.


Funeral Home Tips

Consumers shopping for funeral necessities are protected by the United States Federal Trade Commission's 'Funeral Rule'.  These procedures ensure fair trade practices and protection for consumers.  Please, for your protection, take a moment and review the FTC’s Funeral Rule prior to your purchasing of any funeral services & products.

Here are some additional tips that can help in your dealings with a funeral home:

  1. Always negotiate – It is your right to negotiate a fair price.  Oftentimes you will get a better price by bargaining.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the local funeral and burial laws.  Funeral homes must specify any local law requirements in regards to services or expenses.
  3. Compare our General Price List to that of a few other funeral homes.
  4. Alert the funeral home to fact that you are a comparison shopper.  Make sure to get a list of all expenses and fees they charge
  5. Do not let the funeral home coerce you into buying a one of the costly funeral packages.  Purchase only the products and services that you want/need.
  6. If you end up purchasing a casket online, the funeral home must accept it.  The FTC Funeral Rule requires the funeral home to accept any casket the family chooses, regardless of where it was bought.
  7. Do not reveal to the funeral home if insurance benefits are covering the funeral costs – with this information, they will often adjust their costs upwards to claim the entire amount.


Purchasing Caskets or Keepsake Urns

Overnight Caskets provides you with the customer’s most powerful tool… options.  Having multiple options when purchasing a casket or keepsake urn grants the customer the ability save money and keep control of funeral costs.

The online purchasing of funeral necessities simplifies the process.  It lets you shop in the comfort and privacy of your own environment.  There are no pressures from salesmen or time constraints.  Easily sit down with your family and close friends for their opinions.

Overnight Caskets only sells caskets and keepsake urns.  We are specialized to offer the most affordable prices.  We do not pump up our prices with an extensive list of additional services or unsolicited extras. Our sole purpose is to offer the highest quality caskets and keepsake urns for discounted prices

Purchasing a casket or keepsake urn from Overnight Caskets is a simple process:

  1. Browse our Catalog
  2. Select the keepsake urn or casket that suits your loved one's or your taste
  3. Compare our prices to a price you have received from a funeral home
  4. Our shopping cart allows for prompt purchase and delivery arrangement


We have an extensive variety of caskets and keepsake urns for purchase.  Regardless of your budget religion, or personal taste, Overnight Caskets has something that will suit you.  We offer various steel thickness, 20-Gauge & 18-Gauge, genuine hardwoods, and more.

We proudly offer a 24 hour 7 day a week Customer Service Center.. We guarantee next-day delivery if order placed by certain cut-off time (12:00 noon). We accept various forms of payment.  Our Customer Service Center is open at all times.  We're available 24-hours a day at, or call 800-323-1254.  Live chat is also available at