• STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Study 20-gauge metal with continuous weld bottom panel 
  • EXTERIOR FINISH - Automotive quality two-tone Spruce Blue with Monarch Blue highlights
  • INTERIOR LINING - Beautiful light blue crepe gracefully gathered with praying hands embroidered in the head panel
  • HARDWARE - Squared corners and stationary handlebar hardware featuring praying hands motif
  • FULLY SEALED AND LOCKED -  Full rubber gasket sealer and locking mechanism
  • HALF COUCH & ADJUSTABLE BED - Bed adjusts at head and foot for worry-free viewings
  • FULLY APPOINTED - Coordinating plush pillow and throw and memory tube for cherished keepsakes
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - All caskets pass a 10-point quality control inspection before leaving the factory


  • Fits Standard Burial Vaults
  • INTERIOR - 79 Length x 23.5 Width
  • EXTERIOR - 81 Length x 28.5 Width x 23.5 Height
  • WEIGHT - 200 Pounds

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Can I change or update my order?

Our funeral experts are available 24/7 to ensure you choose the perfect product for your needs. However, we do understand that details can change. Please review our return policy for more information.

What am I responsible for once I submit my order?

We understand that planning a funeral can be overwhelming. Overnight Caskets funeral experts are available 24/7 to ensure a worry-free experience. We are there for you to arrange and manage all the details of transport, both air and ground. Our satisfaction guarantee means we will do everything possible to eliminate issues before they occur. We will coordinate directly with your funeral home, so you do not need to be present unless you want to. We will handle the details so you can concentrate on what's important.

What happens if there are issues with my order?

We understand how precious your order is. Rest assured that our customers rarely experience unwanted surprises. However, life does throw curveballs occasionally; when it does, our funeral and logistic experts are ready to help solve them quickly. We encourage inspection of your purchase at the time of delivery. In the rare event of damage or other issues, please refuse delivery of the item and take pictures if possible. We will immediately ship a replacement item or issue a full refund.

Can you guarantee overnight delivery?

Can you guarantee overnight delivery? We provide free 3-5 business-day standard shipping on all in-stock purchases. We also offer guaranteed next-day air for an additional fee. Please note any orders placed after 1 PM EST will be processed the following business day. Orders are not processed on Saturday or Sunday. We recommend using the local funeral home shipping for delivery. Shipping to residential addresses may delay delivery.

What if my funeral home refuses delivery of the casket?

To ensure fair trade and consumer protection, the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule obligates funeral homes to accept caskets from third parties like Overnight Caskets. Funeral homes also cannot charge additional service fees for receiving your orders. If delivery issues do arise, our logistic experts will contact the local funeral home directly to resolve the situation quickly.

For air transport, can I transport the casket from the airport myself?

Yes, you may transport the casket from the airport to avoid last-mile courier expenses. A cargo van or utility truck with cargo restraints is required to ensure safe delivery. Our logistic experts can help coordinate pickup arrangements.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we offer free nationwide standard 3-5 day shipping, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, which generally takes longer.

What kind of packaging do you use?

Overnight Caskets uses a custom packing system that combines a contoured styrofoam cardboard casket container with an external shipping box of durable plywood. We designed our packaging system to prevent damage during storage, loading, and unloading. In most instances, the receiving funeral home will discard any shipping material. In the unlikely event of an issue, our logistic experts will work with the funeral home directly to resolve the situation.

Can you guarantee the quality of the casket?

Overnight Caskets products are equal to or superior to the products your local funeral home offers. Our funeral products undergo an extensive quality control audit at the factory before shipping and use custom packing to ensure no defects or damage occur during delivery. Our liberal return and exchange policy guarantees your satisfaction in the unlikely event there are any issues with your order.

I understand that you offer outstanding prices for caskets, but is the quality just as exceptional?

Overnight Caskets offers beautiful, high-quality caskets at fair prices. We also offer a range of 18-gauge steel, solid and veneer wood models at more moderate prices. Our caskets are ready to use, delivered completely dressed with high-quality interior linings, a beautiful pillow, tasteful throw covers, and an adjustable bed. Our designs are sturdy, elegant, and dignified, with all the extras needed to ensure the ideal resting place.. We take great pride in our products and customer support.

What does the "gauge" number on metal caskets mean?

The gauge of a metal refers to its thickness. Just remember that a lower gauge number means a thicker metal. For instance, 18 gauge metal is thicker than 20 gauge metal. Note that higher gauge steel is often associated with high prices.

What is a sealer or gasket casket?

The gasket is rubberized material used to help keep caskets imperviable to the elements. This is not a guarantee against a casket’s natural deterioration or its contents. Sometimes, a gasket sealer is required for interstate transportation of remains by air, sea, or rail. All of our steel caskets come with a gasket standard at no additional charge.

How large is a typical casket?

The exterior measurements of the most common size for a casket are about 24" deep, 27-1/2" to 30-1/2" wide, and 81" in length.

Do you make oversized or undersized caskets?

Yes, we offer both oversize and undersized caskets.

How am I sure I am selecting the right casket?

If you are having difficulty choosing a casket or headstone based on the product images on our website, please call, email, or chat with our funeral experts. We are there for you to help.

Does Overnight sell cremation caskets?

Yes, we offer economical caskets for cremation.

Can I buy a casket online?

Yes! It may seem strange to purchase a casket online today, but remember, it wasn't all that long ago that consumers learned to get comfortable buying airline tickets, clothing, groceries, and even cars online. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce data, ecommerce accounts for nearly 20% of total retail sales. Ease of comparative shopping, wider product selections, lower prices, and advances in shipping drive this amazing growth.

Why didn't my local funeral home recommend buying online?

Caskets and headstones are the most marked-up line items associated with a funeral. Most local funeral homes steer customers to their limited, more expensive inventory because it makes them a lot of money. Overnight Caskets still believes that funeral homes are irreplaceable in supporting morning families in their time of need. However, we think there is a better way to sell caskets.

What differentiates you from other online casket dealers?

Overnight Caskets is a family-owned business that has been selling caskets directly to customers online for over a decade. Unlike some private equity-backed competitors, we are not beholden to larger corporate interests. We can focus solely on serving our customers' best interests through a wide selection of high-quality funeral products, fair prices that save you $1000s, and free standard shipping. Our professional funeral experts are available 24/7 to guide you every step of the way. We also offer simple financing programs to help ease the financial burden of funeral planning.

Do you cater to various faiths and traditions?

Yes, Overnight Caskets is committed to serving people of all races, creeds, religions, and customs. We offer a wide selection of casket options appropriate to your beliefs and traditions.

When is it necessary to inform the funeral home about a third-party purchase?

By law, funeral homes must provide you with a General Price List (GPL) of their products and services. FTC Funeral Rule guidelines do NOT require consumers to communicate intent to purchase elsewhere. However, in the spirit of cooperation, Overnight Caskets recommends its customers inform the funeral home post-purchase. From there, we will all work together to facilitate a smooth delivery.

What is the Funeral Rule?

The Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule requires all funeral homes to accept delivery from third-party suppliers. It is illegal for funeral homes to refuse the fundamental right to supply your own casket or charge you any additional delivery or handling fees.

Can I buy the casket for later use?

Yes, you may buy a casket for later use. However, we do not recommend it. We understand there are exceptions based on an individual's circumstances. We offer a six months storage and free delivery to your destination within the state of California.

Why are your prices so much lower than my funeral home’s?

Your local funeral home cannot compete with our factory-direct relationships and low business overhead. Overnight Casket built an efficient supply change by removing costly intermediaries and markups. That’s how we can offer a much wider selection of products than your local funeral home, at around a third of the price, and provide free standard shipping.

Ordering your caskets online seems too easy. What am I missing?

Ordering funeral products on our ecommerce sites is as easy as buying clothes on Amazon. Browse our huge online catalog for the casket or headstone that suits your tastes and budget. We accept all major credit and debit cards, personal checks, bank wires, and PayPal. We also offer 6 and 12-month financing programs. Once you finalize the order online, our logistic experts will follow up to confirm all the details and coordinate directly with your funeral home to ensure a worry-free delivery.

What forms of payment do you accept?

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, bank wire, personal checks, money orders, or online payments via PayPal. We also offer buy now / pay later through our partnership with Affirm.

Do you charge sales tax or any other fees?

We charge sales tax for California orders. Out-of-state purchases do not include sales tax.

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